Benefits ALKALINE DRINKING WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS (REVERSE OSMOSIS) for Purchase or Rentals for Home or Business.

Save Money, Change Your Life, and Improve Your Health with the Potential Benefits of Alkaline Drinking Water Filtration Systems for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Clients.

Many spas, hospitals, restaurants, day cares, offices, and home owners are now taking advantage of the great benefits and convenience of Purified water their Clients and Families.

  1. Alkaline Water helps to DETOXIFY your Body by removing normal acidic waste products that accumulate daily. Drinking Alkaline Water daily can neutralize the acidity and wash acid waste products from cells and tissues.
  1. Helps HYDRATE your Body. The Alkaline Water Filter forms your water into micro clusters during Ionization which are more easily absorbed at the cellular levels, thus Hydrating Your Body.
  1. Alkaline water acts like an ANTIOXIDANT by neutralizing harmful free Radicals. Alkaline Water has the ability to give electrons, therefore, it can effectively neutralize and block free radical damage. Ionized Alkaline Water has been reported to be more effective than most products or capsules for the simple reason that Alkaline Water is in liquid form which makes it easier to absorb.
  1. Alkaline Water can BOOST IMMUNE System by keeping our bodies in a more Alkaline state.
  1. Alkaline Water Can HELP You LOOSE WEIGHT by naturally neutralizing the acids in the body which means, those who drink Alkaline Water, do not need to create more fat cells to neutralize the acid from junk food. Therefore, a body that has a healthy level of Alkaline Loses Weight easier than a body with a high level of acidity.
  1. You can SAVE MONEY by Purchasing an Alkaline Water Filtration System because its cheaper than other products available, since it’s a one time purchase. Its less expensive than purchasing bottle water or having to buy it by the gallon at a water store that sells Alkaline Water.

BENEFITS of DRINKING Water Filtration Systems (Reverse Osmosis) or Home or Business

Many restaurants, day cares, offices, hospitals, and homeowners are now taking advantage of the great benefits and convenience of Purified water their Clients and Families.

  1. A Water Filtration System Help Purify Drinking Water which contains No Harmful Chemicals.
  2. Drinking water from a Water Filtration System provides better Tasting and Smelling Drinking Water by removing Chlorine and Bacterial Contaminants.
  1. A Water Filtration System saves you time and money from going to the store, not returning to refill your 5 gallon water containers, no carrying cases of bottled water, and having no more trips to recycle all your plastic water bottles.

Benefits of High Efficiency Water Softeners for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Clients:

At Tru Bleu, we carry High Quality Water Softeners. A Water Softener Saves you Money, up to 75% on Soaps and Shampoos by Hard Water made soft through Water Softener that Restores the Rich Lathering of your Shampoos and Soaps.

  1. With a Water Softener, your Hair and Skin Feels Softer, Cleaner, and Smoother.
  2. A Water Softener Greatly Reduces House work by Eliminating the formation of Soap Curd.
  3. A Water Softener Will keep your Silverware and Glassware Cleaner and Shiner
  4. Your Clothes, Towels, and all your fabrics will be softer and last longer due to hard water break down.
  5. A Water Softener Also preserve the life of your appliances that use water such ice makers and coffee makers, dishwashers, and clothing washers.

Tru Bleu Pure Water carries and Delivers Bottled Alkaline, Purified, and Distilled (DI) Water for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Clients:

We carry and Deliver 5 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 1 Gallon, 16 Ounce Containers of Water fill your Home or Business. We Also have a 24 Hour Vending with High Quality Alkaline and Purified Water in Brownsville, TX.

For the Best Prices on Bottled Alkaline, Purified, or Distilled (DI) Water for your Home or Business, Call Tru Bleu Pure Water Today!

Tru Bleu Pure Water Carries and Delivers Bottled Water to the Entire Rio Grande Valley!

BENEFITS of Bottle Less Water Coolers and Water Coolers for Alkaline, Purified, and Distilled (DI) Water for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Clients

At Tru Bleu Pure Water, we carry Hassle Free Bottle Less Water Coolers with built-in Reverse Osmosis System for as low as $35 dollars per month.

Our Bottle Less Water Coolers come in a variety of Colors to fit your Needs. The Bottle Less Water Coolers can be used for Alkaline or Purified Water. Our Technicians can have your
Bottle Less Water Coolers installed within the same day you order it.

Sulfur & Iron Removal

Remove and Eliminate Iron Stains and Sulphur often referred to as that Rotten Egg Smell. No Chemicals, Safe for Septic Beds, Inexpensive operation, simple design, uses air with specialty Iron/Sulphur media to make water Iron and Sulphur Free.

Tru Bleu Pure Water carries Residential, Commercial & Industrial Alkaline, Purified, and Distilled (DI) Water Filters & Parts

Tru Bleu Pure Water carries a Variety of Water Filters and Parts for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Water Softeners, Water Filtration (Reverse Osmosis), Alkaline & Purified Water Filters, and More.

At Tru Bleu Pure Water, we have the best Prices on all kinds of Water Filters and Parts. Tru Bleu Pure Water will also come to your home or business to perform filter change outs, any type of service or repair for your Water Filtration/Water Softener Needs.

Tru Bleu can install a new water filter or part with the same day you order it.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial ALKALINE, PURIFIED, AND DISTILLED (DI) WATER Systems,Water Coolers, Service, Repairs, and Maintenance

Tru Bleu Pure Water has been in the Water Treatment Industry for over 12 years and has worked on many Water Treatment Systems in the entire Rio Grande Valley. Tru Bleu Pure Water Technicians are Certified on Most Water Softeners, Water Filtration Systems, and Water Coolers. Call Us Today for a FREE Quote.

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